I feel like Nagisa would say goodbye in his own creative, sentimental way

this made me cry a pool of beautiful pristine tears omfg



The Not-So-Domestic Meme


Send me a number and I’ll write a drabble about my muse:

  1. burning your muse’s dinner
  2. shrinking your muse’s favorite shirt in the wash
  3. finding a cockroach
  4. unclogging the toilet
  5. our muses running out of milk
  6. fighting over whose turn to do dishes
  7. forgetting to water the plants
  8. finding a “surprise” from the dog/cat/pet
  9. forgetting to do the laundry
  10. refusing to take out the trash
  11. our muses’ roof is leaking
  12. our muses bickering over the air conditioning settings
  13. switching your muse’s coffee to decaf
  14. forgetting to pay our muses’ electric bill
  15. our muses’ wifi going out
  16. the a/c or heater breaking
  17. the water heater breaking
  18. forgetting to buy groceries
  19. causing a fire while cooking
  20. grumbling about having to clean the bathroom
We’re just friends, who kiss sometimes.




Rei paused for a minute and looked at Nagisa, their soft eyes meeting for a few lingering moments. Rei knew the world they were entering was not going to be easy to navigate. He had thought a lot about that before he had confessed his feelings to Nagisa—he was worried about how they would fair in a world that didn’t always understand. He promised himself that if he were holding the other back that he would leave, but here in this moment, swimming the atlantic ocean would be an easier feat than keeping that promise. He sighed softly to himself and nodded as he listened to Nagisa, taking his hand, once he saw that no one was looking. “We can talk to them together if you like, I won’t abandon you when you need me…” Rei stopped, feeling like he was answering an unasked question with that last part. He let the silence hang between them for a moment, then started again, “I won’t abandon you when you need me, I want to be there to support you.”

Nagisa knew life wasn’t easy, and taking the path less traveled made it even harder.  But, that was okay.  It didn’t matter what anyone else thought, only what made him happy.  Rei made him happy.  Of course, their friends made Nagisa happy, too.  But that was different from how he felt about Rei.

He laced their fingers and squeezed the hand in his as he walked alongside Rei.  ”Yeah, I know,” the blond replied with a nod, “I’ll figure out when and how I want to tell them…  I think if I can get into a decent school in Tokyo they’ll be satisfied.”  He glanced into the store windows as they walked past each one.  ”I understand that they’ll think I’m being impulsive and reckless, and yeah, I am being impulsive and reckless.  But, I know I’ll be happy moving with Rei-chan,” he smiled and then chuckled, “Yolo, carpe diem, or however you wanna say it, right?”