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"If I wasn’t at least a little strict everything would descend into chaos." Rei replied with a gentle smile, sometimes he just really love teasing the blond slightly. He knew that he meant no harm by it at all, especially since he was still scratching the blond’s ears affectionately.

"You only want something quick and easy because you want to get at those cookies." the megane uttered as he shook his head in resignation before pulling out a pot to cook the rice in once Nagisa had made a decision on what he actually wanted to eat. "What have you been up to today while I was out?" Rei questioned curiously as he set about his task.

"Would not," Nagisa muttered in retort.

He went to grab some things from the fridge and set them on the counter.  Curry rice was the winner.  They had some chicken, so they may as well use it before it went bad.  He didn’t want a repeat of what happened that one time…

"Maybe~" Nagisa giggled as his tail swished behind him.  He pulled out a knife and cutting board for the meat and veggies.  Then he went to tie on an apron.  His was pink and yellow with a penguin on it, but otherwise simple.  "I watched a little TV, and used Rei-chan’s laptop," he shrugged after washing his hands, "But I slept most of the day."

"What did Rei-chan do today?  Did you get to meet up with Mako-chan and Haru-chan?"




[Free! ES Radio CD 1 Summary by damenin]:

”- someone sends an e-mail about Free! ES 03 where Nagisa stops Rei from leaving at Haru’s house and the sender says she was excited because it only looked to her as a girlfriend telling her boyfriend in a sweet atmosphere “No, I don’t wanna break up!”. Nobunaga reads that in a falsetto voice and Hirarin makes him say it again. He does and is given the OK and Wing and Hirarin say it was cute. 
Tsubasa says he did think he looks like a girlfriend when he watched the anime on TV but at the recording he didn’t think anything because he was acting Nagisa and tried to express his feelings. He saw it after and thought they do look like a couple and Nagi’s even grabing his sleeve.
And Nobunaga concludes it saying they got close enough so they naturally look like a couple. [Iwachan ES Radio CD 1 ~03:20]”


today’s free 69 min: magicians!

drawing nagigou makes me very happy ; v ; 

Free! ES dates to remember [UPDATED]


Free! Eternal Summer Blu-ray&DVD

Vol. 3 comes out 11/19/14

Vol. 4 comes out 12/17/14

Vol. 7 comes out 3/18/15**

  • Special unaired episode 14 will be bundled with Vol. 7!!

Free! Merchandise

Sugar Cake comes out 11/2014

Free! Eternal Summer Drama CD

Next one comes out 11/26/14

Free! Events


  • Includes the voice actors of Haruka [Nobunaga Shimazaki.], Makoto [Tatsuhisa Suzuki.], Nagisa [Tsubasa Yonaga.], Rei [Daisuke Hirakawa.], Rin [Mamoru Miyano.]
  • Also! A Special guest is said to appear at the upcoming event!

IwaChan Radio ES

  • Now airs once a month
  • Last IwaChan ES episode that aired: 10/6/14 with special guest Suzuki Tatsuhisa [voice of Makoto]

[Upcoming] Birthdays <VA: Voice Actor; C: Character>


VA Suzuki Tatsuhisa [Makoto]— November 11 [31]

  • Makoto— November 17
  • VA Watanabe Akeno [Gou]— November 18 [32]

VA Shimazaki Nobunaga [Haruka]— December 6 [26]

  • Momotarou— December 6 < Same birthday with Zakki!>
  • Rei— December 14


Nitori— January 4

  • VA Yonaga Tsubasa [Nagisa]— January 15 [31] 

Rin— February 2

  • VA Hosoya Yoshimasa [Sosuke]— February 10 [33]

VA Hirakawa Daisuke [Rei]— June 4 [42]

  • VA Miyano Mamoru [Rin]— June 8 [32]
  • VA Tsuda Kenjiro [Seijurou]— June 11 [44]
  • Haruka— June 30

Nagisa— August 1

VA Suzumura Kenichi [Momo]— September 12 [41]

  • Sosuke— September 14

VA MiyataKouki [Nitori]— October 9 [43]





Free! “Sugar Cake”-themed lottery prizes (and other goodies) from Taito Toys.


Free下級生中心ログ【一部ドラマCDネタバレ有】 | 佐川渉@自家通販やってます [pixiv]


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'Because' is a Word to the Whys


"I’m TAing psychology because the professor asked me to," Rin said. He shrugged. He’d made a great grade in the course and the professor had ‘liked his perspective’ or something. "It’s a paying job, so I figured I’d take him up on it. You think it’s weird?"

Biology, huh? Rin laughed. “You like penguins, I guess?” It was a pretty specific thing to say, after all. He stared as the other boy ordered a crazily-sweet beverage.

"So, uh," Rin blinked. "How do you still have teeth?” Jam hands, admission of eating jelly doughnuts, and now this? It was amazing the kid wasn’t vibrating! All that sugar was terrible for a body. “You don’t ever, y’know, worry about getting diabetes or anything?”

And then, just like that, Nagisa called him Rin-chan. “Hey!” Rin glared, clicking his teeth together. “Rin-chan?!" Who gave him permission for that? "Cut it out!" Although, yes. He had a girly name.

Rin sighed. “Yeah,” he finally added. “It’s kind of a girly name. Wanna make a club?” He ruffled Nagisa’s hair. “You can be the historian.”

"Oh, that’s a pretty good deal then," Nagisa nodded.  A paid job on campus was probably the most ideal, since it would be close.  And one would hope your boss would be sympathetic to your status as a college student.

He nodded with a grin, “Yeah!  I love penguins.  They’ve been my favorite animal since i can remember.  They’re so funny and clumsy on land, but in the water they’re really amazing.”

"Eh?  I brush my teeth extra well," Nagisa assured as he took a sip of his sugary coffee, "I love sweets, I can’t help it."  He made sure he was extra diligent with his oral hygiene to compensate

At the outburst he giggled.  ”But, Rin-chan is Rin-chan!” he smiled.  The hair tousling made him giggle.  ”I think that wold be an interesting club.  I wonder who else we’d end up meeting.”